frequently asked questions

A consultation is required at the initial appointment to ensure KCR is right for you. You remain fully clothed at all times (except shoes).

The KCR therapist applies gentle stretches and mobilisations to different parts of the body and will ask you to change positions during the session, e.g. on your back, stomach, side, sit up in a seated position.

The session lasts approximate 40/45 mins and treats the whole person rather than specific parts of the body

A session lasts for around 40-45 minutes. 

If you have recurrent problems due to work, life or a hobby where you carry on the same movements all the time, it is advisable to have regular maintenance appointments to keep the body aligned. Many have only required 1 treatment to resolve issues.


You may experience some slight discomfort as the body moves back into alignment and balance.

KCR can be relaxing even though you are moving into different positions.

You can get KCR when pregnant, but only during the first trimester.  KCR can be performed soon after the delivery as long as you had a normal delivery.

KCR can only be performed if receiving medical care with your doctor/consultant’s go ahead.

KCR costs £45 for your 1st session which includes a consultation, then £40 for each session thereafter.

We are a fully mobile service based in Stirling, Central Scotland and cover the following areas:

  • Alloa
  • Alva
  • Bannockburn
  • Bridge of Allan
  • Cambusbarron
  • Cornton
  • Cowie
  • Denny
  • Dunblane
  • Dunipace
  • Fallin
  • Plean
  • Raploch
  • Stirling
  • St Ninians
  • Tullibody


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