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It is the right of every human being to be in balance and have optimal health, resolving chronic pain. Resolving normal function naturally and speedily. Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) can help us achieve that state!

Hugh Gilbert (KCR Founder)

equilibrium kcr

Here at Equilibrium KCR, we wholeheartedly agree with Hugh’s philosophy and work to restore balance to our clients so they are happy, healthy and pain free.

Based in Stirling, Central Scotland and offering a mobile service throughout the local area, we provide a convenient pain management solution in the comfort of your own home.

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ann mackenzie, founder

I have always had a keen interest in health and natural well being.

In 1996 I returned to college as a mature student to study Aromatherapy, which had fascinated me for years. After completing my Aromatherapy training, I returned to study a HND in Beauty Therapy and started my own business during this time, opening the first ever beauty salon in Denny, originally starting in a room in a hairdresser’s salon then as the business grew, moving in to a bigger salon.

A KCR Two years after I graduated I was invited to lecture in evening and leisure classes at the college I had studied at for 4 years. I then moved to another college and started teaching both NC beauty and some HN classes, as well as servicing the supported education unit within the college and outwith in a nearby school, along with teaching leisure classes in the community.

I have suffered from back pain for over 25 years, which has also resulted in hip problems. I attended many sessions with 3 different chiropractors over this time, which didn’t resolve the issues and led me to think that I was going to be in pain for ever. One of my daughters had heard about KCR and, seeing me in pain everyday, prompted me to make an appointment. It was literally life changing. Such a simple logical sequence to bring about the balance that hadn’t been there for there for as long as I can remember. I became hungry for more information and to learn all about how this protocol worked. After being encouraged by Claire, my therapist, I enrolled in a course to become  KCR therapist and work towards becoming an accredited practitioner so I could help other people be pain free in the way she had helped me.