bringing balance back to your body

a happier, healthier you

Developed by the late Hugh Gilbert, a Scottish Physiotherapist and author, KCR (Kinetic Chain Release) is a simple yet extremely effective system of medically approved and recognised gentle joint mobilisations and stretches to bring the physical body back into balance, creating a feeling of well being within the body resulting in a happier healthier you.

Equilibrium KCR is a mobile service, operating in the Stirling area set up to help our clients bring balance back to their bodies, optimise their health and resolve chronic pain. 

the kinetic chain

The body is made up of fixed segments made mobile by joints. All these segments and joints have an effect on each other in the process of movement. When one part is in motion it creates a chain of events that impacts other segments of the body.

Mobility is the ability of a joint to move freely and easily.

Stability is the ability of the body to maintain postural equilibrium and support joints during movement.

The kinetic chain is a series of joints stacked on top of each other which alternate between the functions of mobility and stability and this is the optimal pattern for human movement.

Imbalances in the body can cause disruptions in this pattern which then affects the normal function of the joint. When this happens, movement becomes compromised and the chance of injury increases significantly.

frequently asked questions

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